You asked: Does JustGiving go straight to the charity?

Does JustGiving take money straight away?

If your charity is based in the UK we automatically transfer donations to the chosen charity on a weekly basis (or, if the total donated to that particular charity on JustGiving is £50 or less, we wait until the end of the month). There’s nothing you need to do.

What happens to JustGiving money?

Please note, it can take 6-10 working days for the funds to reach the bank account once you’ve made a withdrawal. Available funds: This is the amount you can withdraw (minus fees). … Be assured, you can withdraw the available funds and then withdraw the remaining funds a few days later once they have settled.

Is JustGiving just for charities?

If you’ve got a charitable registration number or a Gift Aid number, you can join JustGiving. So that includes charities, schools, churches, trusts, Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) and Girlguiding units (which includes Rainbows, Brownies and Guides).

How much does JustGiving take from each donation?

Giving Checkout links can be generated an unlimited number of times by charities. If charities would like JustGiving to collect and process Gift Aid on their behalf, the usual 5% collection fee still applies.

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Does JustGiving charge a fee?

JustGive it back.” JustGiving charges charities a 5% Gift Aid reclaim and processing fee, but this is optional and charities can choose to claim Gift Aid themselves. It also charges a payment processing fee, set at 1.9% + £0.20.

Is there a problem with JustGiving?

There can be fees added to or taken from the money you give, and the charities themselves could be faced with charges just for being listed on the platform. Among the worst is the most popular – Just Giving. This is the only one of the major platforms that isn’t non-profit.

How do I claim JustGiving gift aid?

Adding Gift Aid to a recent donation

  1. Log into your account and click on your name in the top right hand corner.
  2. Click on ‘Donations you’ve made’
  3. Click the link to ‘Claim Gift Aid’ alongside your recent donation and confirm.

How do I close a JustGiving fundraiser?

Log into your account and on the left hand side, click ‘Edit your page’ alongside the page you’d like to cancel. Head to “Settings” on the top of the screen then scroll down and click on ‘Cancel my Justgiving page’ and ‘Yes, cancel my page’.

How do I get in touch with JustGiving?

Guidelines / How to make a complaint to JustGiving

The easiest way to contact our complaints team is by emailing Let us know what has happened, in as much detail as possible, and if you can, what you would like us to do to make things right – not that we can make any promises.

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Is JustGiving or GoFundMe better?

Pick the right fundraising platform for your cause

JustGiving, we believe that GoFundMe offers the best support and protection for our users, at a competitive price. Looking to fundraise? For low transaction fees, 24/7 support and, most importantly, the GoFundMe Guarantee, consider crowdfunding with GoFundMe.

What countries are supported by JustGiving?

Confirm your country

  • United Kingdom.
  • Australia.
  • New Zealand.
  • Ireland.
  • Netherlands.
  • United States of America.
  • Canada.
  • Other.

Who can use JustGiving?

For All: JustGiving gives anyone a way to support the causes and people they care about. We provide the tools people need to support causes aligned with their own beliefs and convictions. Anyone who resides in the countries where we operate (presently only UK) age 18 and older can create a campaign.

Does JustGiving take a percentage?

JustGiving charged a 5% fee on all donations to cover the cost of running the business until March 2019, when the fee was made voluntary.

Does JustGiving make a profit?

Profits at the online fundraising platform JustGiving more than doubled in 2019 after it recorded double digit growth in charity sign-ups, latest figures show. The company’s accounts for 2019 show it recorded a profit of nearly £9.4m, a £5.6m increase on the previous year.

Does GoFundMe take a cut?

GoFundMe has a 0% platform fee for organizers. However, to help us operate safely and securely, our payment processors deduct transaction fees (which include debit and credit charges) from each donation when made.