Is Send a Cow a good charity?

They sent livestock in the hope that this would help African farmers to overcome the crippling poverty and malnutrition being experienced in their communities. It is now a well established charity, running sustainable agricultural programmes across Africa.

How is send a cow sustainable?

We only donate larger animals to families with enough land to grow fodder. We provide training in how to grow fodder and check there is enough growing before we provide a large animal. … Families without enough land for cows will receive more suitable animals, such as goats or poultry.

What did send a cow do originally and why?

Send a Cow was set up by a group of Christian dairy farmers from the UK in 1988. Outraged at EU milk quotas, which were forcing them to slaughter healthy dairy cows, and in response to an appeal from Uganda for milk, they embarked on a project, which was set to become an innovative and practical charity.

Who founded send a cow?

David Bragg was one of the two original founding farmers of Send a Cow, who had the grand idea to send cows to Africa 30 years ago. David was 36 at the time and running a dairy farm with his father in Devon.

How many lives have been transformed by the work of Send a Cow?

Our vision, mission and values

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Over our 30 year history, we’ve transformed the lives of 2 million people in Africa.

Where does send a cow work?

Send a Cow has been working in Kenya since 1996 and has had a huge impact on thousands of the poorest families. We work in the remote, underdeveloped Western Province of the country – which is a world apart from its better known beaches and safari parks.

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