Where do donations to the kidney Foundation go?

The funds from this transaction are forwarded to National Kidney Foundation charity to use for preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney diseases and to increase the availability of all organs for transplant.

How much does the CEO of the kidney Foundation make?

Still, many contribute to the National Kidney Foundation in the form of direct donations, sponsored walks, and contributions of loved ones. However, many patients have been stunned to learn that the 2019 salary (most recently published) of Kevin Longino, NKF CEO, was $397,412, according to Charitywatch.org.

What does the kidney Foundation do with clothes?

Donate your gently used household items and clothing to thrift stores in Georgia, North Carolina and Texas. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of your used goods is then donated to the American Kidney Fund to further our mission of helping people fight kidney disease and live healthier lives.

Is National Kidney Foundation reputable?

Good. This charity’s score is 85.49, earning it a 3-Star rating. Donors can “Give with Confidence” to this charity.

Is American Kidney Services Legitimate?

American Kidney Services (AKS) is a local, non-profit Atlanta charity that strives to help kidney disease sufferers who are in financial need.

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What items can you donate to the Kidney Foundation?

The National Kidney Foundation needs your clothing donations, household items donations, and furniture donations.

National Kidney Foundation Thrift Stores Accept the Following Types of Donations

  • Donate Clothing.
  • Donate Shoes.
  • Household Goods Donations.
  • Donate Kitchenware.
  • Donate Toys.
  • and even used vehicles!

Who will pick up donations for free?

Here’s a list of organizations that will pick up donations, free of charge:

  • GreenDrop.
  • Salvation Army.
  • Habitat for Humanity.
  • Goodwill.
  • Pick Up Please.
  • Furniture Bank.
  • The Arc.

Does the Kidney Foundation take clothes?

In general, we accept clothing and small household items such as dishes, garden tools, kitchen accessories, sporting goods and small appliances. The Clothing Donation Program is not equipped to pick up furniture, large appliances, or any items needing repair.

What is the best Kidney Foundation to donate to?

CharityWatch has designated the American Kidney Fund as an A+ Top-Rated Charity.

Is National Kidney Foundation a 501c3?

Yes, the National Kidney Foundation is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) corporation. All donations are tax deductible.