What did Lily choose to do for the volunteer hours she had?

Lily says she is going to spend her volunteer hours at the Nurturing Center. When their father brings Gabriel home, Lily thinks the baby is very cute. She says she wants to be a Birthmother. … Lily feels comfortable with the baby, and is able to branch out into the community and help the other babies.

What did Lily do for her volunteer hours?

What did Lily do for her volunteer hours? She worked at the Childcare Centre. Where did Asher and Fiona work? They worked in the House of Old.

How does Lily plan to apply new knowledge of children through her volunteer hours the giver?

How does Lily plan to apply her knowledge of newchildren through her volunteer hours? Lily plans to volunteer at the Nurturing Center since she already knows how to feed Gabriel. … She disappeared and no one in the community knows what happened to her.

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What does Lily have to be careful about when she is volunteering in the giver?

What does Lily have to be careful about when she is volunteering at the Nurturing Center? That she doesn’t call Gabe by his name.

Who does volunteer hours in the giver?

They do this by volunteering in various settings from the age of eight. All of these hours are carefully logged and observed by the elders. The Elders can know a lot about the children and their affinities and interests and abilities by where they choose to volunteer and how much, and how good at it they are.

What was so important about Benjamin and his volunteer hours?

Another Eleven, Benjamin, chose to spend nearly all of his volunteer hours helping injured people heal and helping develop treatments. Because of this, there are rumors the Elders will assign him to the Rehabilitation Center.

What is the purpose of volunteer hours in the giver?

The volunteer hours are important because Elders observe children to determine their skills and interests. From the age of eight, children in Jonas’s community have to meet a requirement of a certain number of volunteer hours. The volunteer hours are actually very important, because they are essentially a test.

Where does Jonas spend his volunteer hours?

Jonas’s father tells him that when he was eleven, he knew he would be assigned the role of Nurturer, because it was clear that he loved newchildren and he spent all his volunteer hours in the Nurturing Center.

What do Lily and her mother’s dreams reveal about how the community enforces rules?


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Discuss how Lily’s and Mother’s dreams reveal their feelings about the community’s structure. Both dreams deal with security guards and punishment, so Lily and Mother probably fear the community’s rules and methods of punishment.

How are differences treated in the giver?

Differences and individuality are not celebrated in the community, and citizens are subjected to harsh punishments if they do not conform, which is depicted by Asher’s treatment as a child when he struggles to accurately pronounce words. … Conformity is expected of the citizens. Differences are not accepted.

What is the selection process the giver?

“Selection” is a whole different thing. There is only one Receiver of Memory in the community, and when it is time for him to be replaced, his successor is “Selected”, not assigned. A “Selection”, in the words of the Chief Elder, “is very, very rare”.

Why is Lily anxious at 10?

Why is Lily anxious to turn 10? She can cut her hair and will not have to wear ribbons. The wind whistled as Jonas sped by on his bike.

Why did Jonas become upset when number 20 was called *?

Why did Jonas become upset when number twenty is called? He became upset because they skipped him. … Jonas’ number was never called.

How did Benjamin spend his volunteer hours?

Benjamin is the Eleven who has spent most of his volunteer hours at the Rehabilitation Center where injured people are treated. Because of his experience there, Benjamin is said to be as skilled as the Directors at the Center, and his Assignment will most likely be at the Rehabilitation Center.

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What excited Jonas volunteer hours?

Jonas enjoys volunteer hours because they are less regulated than other hours of his day—he gets to choose where he spends them. He volunteers at a variety of places, enjoying the different experiences, and has no idea what his Assignment will be.

Where do Asher and Fiona choose to volunteer?

At the beginning of Chapter 4, Jonas finds his friends, Asher and Fiona, volunteering in the House of the Old, which is like a present-day nursing home. He volunteers there also. In the House of the Old, the community’s elderly people live while awaiting their release.