Question: Who is the current director of Unicef?

Henrietta H. Fore became UNICEF’s seventh Executive Director on 1 January 2018. She has worked to champion economic development, education, health, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in a public service, private sector and non-profit leadership career that spans more than four decades. From 2007 to 2009, Ms.

Who is the current director general of UNICEF?

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore’s Remarks at the UNICEF Executive Board.

Who is the CEO of Unicef India?

Rajeshwari Chandrasekar – Chief – UNICEF India | LinkedIn.

Who runs UNICEF?

Dame Carolyn McCall joined ITV as Chief Executive in January 2018. Prior to joining ITV, Carolyn was Chief Executive at easyJet, a UNICEF corporate partner which has raised more than £8 million since 2012.

Does UNICEF have a CEO?

Jon Sparkes announced as next CEO of UNICEF UK

UNICEF UK has announced the appointment of Jon Sparkes as its next CEO, to take effect in early 2022. Steven Waugh, Chief Financial Officer, will continue as Interim Executive Director until then.

Who is the new Unicef Executive Director?

NEW YORK, 1 January 2018– Henrietta Fore takes office today as UNICEF’s seventh Executive Director. Ms. Fore brings to the role more than four decades of private and public sector leadership experience.

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What is Unicef CEO salary?

Anonymous emails claim that UNICEF USA’s CEO earns more than $1 million and has use of a Rolls Royce.

Who are the managers of Unicef?

UNICEF executive team and experts

  • Henrietta H. Fore. Executive Director. …
  • Omar Abdi. Deputy Executive Director, Programmes. …
  • Charlotte Petri Gornitzka. Deputy Executive Director, Partnerships. …
  • Fayaz King. Deputy Executive Director of Field Results and Innovation. …
  • Hannan Sulieman. UNICEF Deputy Executive Director, Management.

Where is the headquarters of Unicef?

Stern’s compensation as president and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF is $521,820.

Who heads UNICEF in Uganda?

Dr. Mohamed El Munir A. Safieldin (Munir Safieldin) is the UNICEF Representative to the Republic of Uganda, having joined the country office in January 2021.

Who runs UNICEF UK?

UNICEF UK, also known as the United Kingdom Committee for UNICEF, is one of 36 UNICEF national committees based in industrialised countries.

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