How do I complain about AP volunteers?

Where can I complain about a volunteer AP?

To register a grievance, one can, visit the nearest Grama/Ward Sachivalayam or make a call to the 24/7 dedicated Call Centre – 1902 or visit a District Collector Office on the Grievance Day on every Monday (Spandana Monday event) or visit Spandana portal ( or download SPANDANA mobile app …

How do I file a complaint against a volunteer?

Mr. Kumar said complaints can be registered on 0866-2466877, the commission’s 24×7 call centre, and action would be taken immediately. Complaints can also be mailed to Complaints can be registered with District Collectors and Municipal Commissioners concerned.

How do I complain to the village volunteer?

A toll-free telephone number 1902 would be set up at the call centre in the CMO to receive the grievances of the people. The basic idea behind implementing the scheme is to infuse confidence among the people and to see that their basic needs are met.

How can I complain to VRO in Andhra Pradesh?

One-Stop public grievance redressal platform for the citizens of Andhra Pradesh.

  1. 1902 – Spandana Call Center for general grievances. …
  2. 14500 – Call Center for sand & …
  3. 14400 – Call Center for. …
  4. 1907 – Call Center for YSR Rythu Bharosa grievances.
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How do I report a grama volunteer?

Complaints on the involvement of ward volunteers in electioneering can be made by dialling the Commission’s 24×7 call centre 0866-2466877 and these complaints will be immediately dealt with and action will be taken duly, the SEC asserted.

How do you deal with bad volunteers?

Say goodbye and wish them well and calmly move on, focusing on your remaining volunteers, reaching out to volunteers who left because of the toxic volunteer, recruiting new volunteers, staying dispassionate and staying positive. above reproach in any comments you make about the toxic volunteer, even among allies.

How do I complain to MRO in ap?

The petitioner can call the caller toll free number 1100 / 1800-425-4440 on the application of the petition to the petition of the petition, which means that the officers have taken action on his petition.

How do I complain to spandana online?

There are multiple ways to register grievance: visiting the nearest Ward/Grama Sachivalayam, calling the 24/7 call center-1902, visiting a district-level collector office every Monday, or visiting the portal, or also by downloading SPANDANA mobile app.

How do I use ePass ap?

Steps to Apply for AP Curfew Pass:

Enter your name, company name, pick form of work, enter the phone number, e-mail ID, pick kind of vehicle, vehicle registration number, house address, purpose, Aadhaar No., pass valid from and pass valid up to. ✔️ Finally, Review & submit it by clicking the “Apply” button.