How did Lencho respond to the charitable act of the post office employees?

How did Lencho react to the help of post office employees?

Lencho called the post office employees “a bunch of crooks” because he thought that they have taken half of the money which God had send to him. Lencho became sad when he didn’t receive the total amount of money in the envelope. He hoped that God will be there to help him.

What act of charity did the employees of the post office display?

The act of charity the postmaster performed is… He knew that he needed something more than a paper,pen and a good will so he decided to give a part of his salary and also asked his frnds and employees to give some money for the person who wrote a letter to not to shake his hope or trust in god.

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How did the postmaster and post office employees health Lencho How did he react to their help?

The postmaster and post office employees were very generous as they contributed for the act of charity. First they laughed when they saw Lenchos faith in God. They decided to send some money to letter to God, but soon they were impressed by his get Lencho so that his faith in God does not shaken.

How did Lencho did not the post office employees?

Lencho had such unshakable faith in God that he thought that God must have granted him the expected amount but the Post Office employees had stolen the rest of his money.

Why did Lencho call the post office employees a bunch of crooks answer?

Due to his firm faith in God, he blamed the post office employees to steal his money from the envelope. He also called them a bunch of crooks’, who actually helped him in this difficult situation. … The postmaster was mesmerised to see Lencho’s faith in God and he didn’t want his faith to be shaken.

What was the Lencho reaction after getting?

after receiving the letter Lencho became angry. Because when he counted the money he found only 70 pesos as he asked 100 pesos from God. He thought that the post office employees had taken the rest money. He called the post office employees a brunch of crooks.

How did Postmaster help Lencho?

Postmaster helped lencho by giving him some money inorder not to shake the faith in God. Postmaster thinks that to keep lencho’s faith in God he only needs goodwill,pen and paper.

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How much money did Lencho need How much did he get?

Lencho needed hundred pesos to sow his field and to live until the next crop. He received only seventy pesos.

Why was Lencho sad what was his only hope?

The rain with large hailstorm had ruined Lencho’s field of ripe corn. So he was sad. His only hope was—help from God.

Why did the postmaster and his employees decide to help Lencho was their efforts appreciated by the receiver of the help?

The postmaster and his employees decided to help lencho becuase lencho had a great faith in god and the postmaster doesn’t want to lose his faith from god,so he decided to help him by giving half amount from his salary and collected rest of the amount from the employees.

How did the Post Master decide to solve Lencho’s problem?

The postmaster decided to resolve lenchos problem because he saw a faithness to God in lencho and he decided to gave him the money.

How did the postmaster and post office employees?

Post-office employees were nice and generous. They laughed when they saw Lencho’s letter addressed to God. … But soon they became serious because they were impressed by Lencho’s faith in God. They decided to send him some money.