Does Tom Hiddleston work for Unicef?

Hiddleston has been a UNICEF UK Ambassador since 2015 and recently traveled to South Sudan for a second time to see the impact of the civil conflict on vulnerable children, the United Nations children’s agency said on its website.

What does Tom Hiddleston do for Unicef?

Since visiting South Sudan, Tom has helped to raise critical funds to ensure UNICEF’s teams can provide children and families with life-saving food across the east Africa region.

Does Tom Hiddleston donate to charity?

Hiddleston doesn’t just donate a bunch of money to a charity at the end of the year and call it good. … He is actively involved in charity work and dedicates a lot of his time to spreading awareness for his various projects and causes.

What charity does Tom Hiddleston support?

Tom Hiddleston is one of many actors who has partnered with UNICEF to better the lives of children. Hiddleston’s UNICEF humanitarian work began when he visited Guinea in 2013, where he observed the different kinds of aid the organization provides for malnourished children.

Who is UNICEF Ambassador UK?

David Harewood is appointed as a UNICEF UK Ambassador.

Do Unicef ambassadors get paid?

Our Ambassadors support UNICEF in a voluntary capacity, receiving no fee for their time and commitment. “They contribute greatly to UNICEF’s work for children.”

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Is Tom Hiddleston an activist?

Aside from being an activist, Hiddleston is also a strong advocate for social justice. That’s right, Hiddleston is a self-proclaimed feminist. He was also a big supporter of the He for She campaign.

Who supports UNICEF?

In 2020, the three largest government contributors to UNICEF were the United States of America, Germany and the European Commission.

Is Selena Gomez UNICEF ambassador?

Teen star Selena Gomez has been appointed an ambassador of the United Nations Children’s Fund. … I stand with UNICEF in the belief that we can change that number from 25,000 to zero,” Gomez said. “(She has) now taken on an official role as an ambassador.

Who is the youngest ambassador?

At just 14, actor Millie Bobby Brown was appointed in 2018 as UNICEF’s youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador.